Cylabh ERP

Are you looking for the perfect management tool for your business?

The Enterprise management software from Cylabh is a distinct and complete accounting solution that has all of the resources to help you bring to term your operations. It offers multiple management modules such as : General ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, invoicing, inventory, financial statements, general statistics, marketing, work schedule and activity management, internal e-mail, project management, e-commerce, analysis module, etc. It also offers tools to import and export data towards other widely used packages like Microsoft Access, Excel et others. It does not require a lot of material resources and still offers numerous advantages that result from recent technologies. It allows you to generate numerous reports, to access the applications locally or via other available resources (Internet, modems), to work in the language of your choice, to add other work stations as needed and peripheral equipment such as code bar readers, touch screens, portable computers, while the security and the integrity of your data is assured. It is actually one of the only reasonably priced parameterizable management solution with graphical user interface that is accessible for small and large businesses. Its security, access, usability, portability and its capacity to adapt to your actual resources are definite assets.

Enterprise management is an important tool for an enterprise that is looking into quickly obtaining data that will assist them into making informed decisions at any time. It aims the continuity of the operations and the integration of all the control processes.


The General Ledger module from Enterprise management offers you:

    A structure with simple or multiple companies, departments and/or businesses.
  • A open system that can operate on two complete fiscal years, a total of 24 periods without any monthly closure needed.
  • A history of all of the transactions in real time on demand.
  • An automatic account identification of the general ledger for the companies with multiples businesses and departments according to a simple and predefined accounting charter.
  • A custom-made structure for the financial statements and an integrated generator for the reports.
  • Importation and exportation of data towards widely used packages.
  • Measures for data validation and access keys to assure the security of your transactions.
    ***Please note that the access is defined by the system administrators according to strict but easy to manage criterion.***
  • The possibility to integrate all of the distant access functionalities by modem and by Internet.
  • The possibility to modify the structure of the accounting modules according to your needs for a greater development of your business.


The Accounts payable module from Enterprise management offers you

  • Detailed and specific supplier's file.
  • A complete integration to the management and the reception of the orders.
  • Various comparisons of the state of your orders.
  • A complete management of the discounts and the terms and conditions from your suppliers.
  • A automatic impression of the cheques for your suppliers and the possibility to reprint them whenever.
  • A history in real time of the disbursements that where made and the ones to anticipate for a precise date or period.
  • An improved management of your purchases and the capacity to negotiate at an opportune moment with your suppliers.
  • A bank reconciliation and a follow-up of the outstanding cheques.
  • A summary and detailed age of the accounts on demand.
  • A projection of the disbursements according to due dates.
  • Sophisticated, simple and effective search tools.
  • Diverse statistics on your purchases, affected periods, projections, disbursements, received discounts, etc.


The Accounts receivable module from Enterprise management offers you

  • Specific client files with terms and conditions negotiated with them.
  • A complete management of the terms and conditions granted to your clientele.
  • A management of the discounts on the products, product categories and available promotions for particular clients.
  • A complete history of the products purchased by the clients and their last prices.
    Partial or complete print of the statement of accounts with the possibility to send them by e-mail, fax or post.
  • Sales journal in real time without any closedown of the invoicing.
  • A complete catalogue of the granted discounts, up to a maximum of nine levels.
  • Various and personalized statistics and an integrated generator for the reports.
  • An absolute control over the credit conditions and the transactions made by your clientele.
  • Secure operations during the invoicing with a complete history of the transactions.
  • A specific journal for the transactions that need the authorization of an administrator such as the credits and the sales to the accounts.
  • A detailed and documented follow-up of the credit with the credit evolution of an account to facilitate your decisions during transactions and recoveries.


The Invoicing module from Enterprise management offers you

  • Quick and easy invoicing.
  • All types of shortcuts for searches in the inventory, the client files, the history of the sales and the terms and conditions of payment.
  • The capacity to view all of the relevant information from a unique screen.
  • The possibility to make your own quotations and work orders, to accept, recuperate, delete or to follow-up on them. It also offers you the possibility to convert them into invoices.
  • A complete management of the terms and conditions of payment at the counter or by telephone for the clients with a total assurance that your engagement negotiated with the clientele in question is respected.
  • A control of the processes for the invoicing and a secure management of the access by the employees.
  • A complete history in real time of the invoices made and the capacity to print or to send them by e-mail, fax or post on demand.
  • The capacity to effectively follow-up the client orders whether they are partial, complete or in back order.
  • Diverse sales statistics made by a salesperson, for a product, a date and/or for a precise period.
  • All the technological tools for a quick data entry without any mistake during the sales.


The Inventory module from Enterprise management offers you

  • A descriptive file of the inventory including the information on the status, the state, the location, the supplier and the substitutes of the products.
  • The possibility to automatically manage the inventory and to make orders once the minimum quantities are reached.
  • Multiples reports on the state of the inventory including the age, the turnover of the stock and the source in real time, on paper or the screen.
  • Quick and easy search methods from the product description, whether it is partial or not.
  • The capacity to search your inventory in real time, to efficiently manage your purchases, to organize your promotions and your sales.
  • Management of the obsolete products to help you take measures to proceed to their replacement, return, destruction or else.
  • Rapid identification of the supplier and the substitutes of a product during a shortage.
  • A management method for the real cost of your merchandise following your procedures.
  • To catalogue and place in inventory the products that can be put in fractions (up to 5 decimals).
  • To follow-up on the warranties with the serial numbers of the product and the specific conditions identified to its descriptive file.
  • To apply the rules of management of the inventory with the FIFO concept (First In, First Out).
  • To manage your dynamic or static inventory according to their physical location in your warehouse.
  • An extremely effective interface for the reception and the identification of your items.
  • Complete statistics and a integrated generator for the reports.


The Delivery module from Enterprise management offers you

  • The possibility to effectively manage your orders to be delivered and maximize your shipping, thanks to a constant control of the affected routes and territories. The delivery schedule are established by employees (trucks), according to the importance of the orders.
  • A management of the orders either by dock or by company. This practice allows you to prepare the orders before the availability of the next carrier and facilitate the loadings.
  • The possibility to change at all time the delivery sheets according to different factors encountered such as problems with the vehicles or traffic and to let your clientele know about them.
  • Detailed reports by employee (truck) to facilitate the understanding of the deliveries and to maximize their performance. You will find in those reports the identification of the products, the quantities to deliver, a copy of the invoice and the terms and conditions of the payment (billed to the account, COD-collect, cash, credit card).
  • Simple and easily accessible schedules by pressing on the employee name (truck) of the route. By doing so, you access all the details of the deliveries. You can reassign a delivery without any difficulty, modify, add or delete it. All these commands can be done with your mouse using a concept of Drag and Drop (Copy-Paste).
  • Numerous statistics on your delivery routes, the performance of your fleet by employee (truck), routes and a detailed history of the transactions.
  • A module that is directly linked to the invoicing module and as soon as a sale is made that indicates To deliver, it is automatically transmitted to the Delivery module. Then, the employee in charge only needs to assign it to one of the routes and prepare the order according to the instructions.
  • You can also know at all times the orders in preparation, and define the docks on which they are going to be assign. Each dock is assigned to a route that stands by for a delivery. These routes are then sent according to your instructions, either by the first or by the designated carrier.
  • Effective control of the deliveries with reports given back to you by the carriers on their return. If you have an efficient communication system in between the warehouse and the carrier, the routes can be changed whenever it is required.
  • A user friendly interface with a Web browser for the module that can be consulted at any time by your clientele. The clients can simultaneously follow the state of their order on the Internet until the reception.
  • Finally, a module that allows you to ameliorate your control and your relation with the clientele. It is also possible to follow-up on the sales and establish a direct link with the delivery department. It brings great savings and positive impacts on your business.


The Marketing module from Enterprise management offers you

  • The possibility to determine the follow-ups of your clientele for the purchase of a product or a service by using all of the available communication tools (electronic mail, fax, telephone, post).
  • The capacity to determine the promotions to all of your clients or to certain groups and to send them at the appropriate time.
  • The capacity to manage the promotions for a precise period by specifying their starting and ending dates.
  • The capacity to control the products or group of products available for promotion for a client or a group of clients.
  • Numerous parameters allowing the users to clearly define the key elements of a good client follow-up. This generates new sale activities and assures a constant increase of the business in your enterprise.


The Schedule and activity management module from Enterprise management offers you

  • The capacity to see, under a calendar form, the work schedules of your personnel and to find out about their degree of occupancy, availabilities, ongoing activities and whether or not they are on time.
  • The possibility to enter appointments and activities, to modify, suspend or report them. An easy management according to chosen parameters (minutes, hours, weeks or months).
  • A choice of colors to facilitate the interpretation of the schedules and the calls that can be activated to simplify the follow-up by the employees in charge of the activities.
  • A schedule management that can directly be linked to the invoicing module to simplify the production of the invoices, whether they are partial, complete or associated with a work order.
  • Multiple adjustable parameters specific to each user to facilitate the utilization of the module. This module is particularly versatile and makes the employment of any other parallel product unnecessary. Therefore, this module is directly integrated to the management solution.


Multiple functions of analysis and statistics that are linked to the different modules to allow a better interpretation of the data for the quotations, purchases, sales, transfers, exchanges, reparations, deliveries of products and services, invoicing and promotions. We can assert that the Enterprise management software offers all the possibilities of analyses, whether it is of financial or operational nature. The goal of these functions is to allow the decision makers to quickly obtain the strategic information for the orientation of their enterprise. The analysis and statistical tools by themselves help you make substantial savings and generate larger patronage.
Please note that these tools are parameterizable and available at all times. The users can define their preferences when it comes to the disposition, the format and the content.

   Internal Electronic Mail

The Internal electronic mail module from Enterprise management offers you

  • The capacity to send, receive and manage all the functions of the electronic mail, inside or out of your organization. The electronic mail functions are associated with the user and not the station where the user works at. Therefore your employees can use the internal electronic mail module on all the work stations of the network with their personal identification.
  • A management of your internal and external electronic address book.
  • The possibility to have your messages read by a text interpreter.
  • Effective management of the nature of the incoming e-mails by user, for security reasons. This prevents the intrusion of viruses inside your network.
    ***Please note that this module is in constant evolution and is always accessible inside the Enterprise management software. It insures a greater efficiency to the user and makes the employment of any other parallel product unnecessary.***