Operation and Application Management

The operation and application management service from Cylabh includes the implementation of the system as well as their maintenance. The mission consist in putting in place all the necessary tools for the efficiency of the operation management and to eliminate the systematic mistakes in the entries, the treatment and the analysis of the eventual data.

The client assists to each step of the implementation to automate the administrative processes and to facilitate its interpretation. Relying on a previous analysis of the operations of the enterprise, the Cylabh team presents a calendar of activities for each affected sector and department. Because of this procedure, the project comes to term quickly and brings forward great results. There is several advantages to this service:

  • A reduction of the operation, support and improvement costs.
  • A reduction of the time for the implementation of the new applications.
  • An adjustment of the tasks of the personnel (the integration of the processes helps to ameliorate the human resources management and allows them to concentrate on their activities).
  • Guaranties on the results, the quality, the productivity and the services offered by the enterprise.
  • A better understanding of the mission of the enterprise and its orientation.
  • A significant amelioration of the financial analysis.
  • An enhanced self-starting capacity et furthermore a greater flexibility.

The highly qualified personnel from Cylabh has all the tools at their disposal to analyze and ameliorate your operations. Their expert team consist of administrators, accountants and technologists that evaluate the internal processes, the organizational structure, the computing equipment and the activities covered by the enterprise to outline the issues and the resultants of the professional activities. Cylabh proceeds quickly and effectively, prioritizing the performance and the management of the changes.

The operation and application management service is the key element to the realization and implementation of an ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning software). This service is the basis of all the services that include the process management, the consultation, the development, the customization, the training and the technical support after the purchase of the software.

   Process management

The process management service consists in the evaluation of the performance of the newly implanted software by Cylabh in all the affected departments and sectors of the enterprise. The goal is to insure the integration and the understanding of all the personnel and to rapidly bring the necessary changes. To properly manage the change and to explain its necessity to the personnel are elements that one should not underestimate. Recent studies clearly show that those factors are the ones that cost the most for an enterprise and cause incalculable losses in time and money.

The Cylabh team directly participates to the development of the enterprise during the entire period of the implementation and ensures a good comprehension of the operations. They are customer driven and see that every affected department and sector has their needs met by qualifying the importance of their demands. This service is an integral part of its initial sales mandate and its parameters are clearly identified at the moment of the contract signature.

The process management consists of the following aspects:

  • The analysis and the performance of the installations.
  • The requirements for the start-up of the new management tools.
  • The understanding of all the management tools by the personnel.
  • The particular details of all the departments or sectors of the enterprise.
  • The components of the process network (equipment, telecommunication tools, limitation, etc).
  • The comprehension and the customization of the administrative reports.
  • The management of the control parameters of the software.
  • The automation of the processes.
  • The global vision of the enterprise and its management processes.

The process management service is an important step in the comprehension and the operation of the new management tools. This service requires the contribution of the whole personnel of the enterprise.

   Consultation, Development and Customization

The consultation, development and customization service from Cylabh is required whenever a client wants to bring changes to the offered ERP software or when he wants to proceed to the migration of his actual installations. The programmers measure the relevance of the demands and ensure the global integration of the changes. This complementary service guarantees a conform representation of the client's operations and an evolution of its tools.

The Cylabh softwares are based on a recent technology (Relational database of fourth generation). All of their products are parameterizable which simplify and reduce the need for customization. The softwares allow the modification of all the reports, the use of two languages simultaneously, the modification of certain display screens, the modification of the parameters for the age of the accounts calculation, the statistics and lots more. Generally, there is very few changes brought to the accountancy and finance modules. The customization is more common for the enterprise that are in specific fields of actions such as the distribution, the production or the exportation.

The Cylabh softwares are portable to major environment such as Microsoft Windows 2000/NT/XP Pro/2000 server and 2003 server, Linux and SCO Unix. Hence, the customization services develop new products under the Cylabh environment. The management solution offered by Cylabh has all the standard modules of management and is not sold separately except for the specific applications associated with the specialized markets of distribution, factory or after-service sales.

The consultation, development and customization service is offered by Cylabh and does not implicate any other third party. The solution is global and flexible. The results are of great magnitude and the performance exceptional. The prearranged objectives by the clients are quickly feasible at a competitive price. These are all important aspects in a decisional process of acquisition.

   Training and technical support

All businesses are preoccupied with the training of their personnel whether it involves the administrative or technical aspects for the utilization of the working tools. They are more and more conscious of the importance and the stakes of the global performance of the enterprise and the monetary impacts that they have. For this reason, the Cylabh team has defined new methods allowing them to ensure the training and the technical support for all of their clients. Cylabh is in favour of a simple and direct approach with the personnel, always taking into account the constraints of their work environment and their learning capacities.

There are many plans or programs for the training and technical support service such as the annual service contract that include the updates of the softwares, the Web access to download new versions and the online training. You can also get those services individually by acquitting the cost after their completion. Each implementation is unique and implicates a customized training program. Their programs are developed with the assistance of the decision makers and corresponds to their requirements.

Because the training and the technical support are key elements in the success of the implementation and the operation of an ERP system, Cylabh takes to heart this part of its mandate. The trainers that it employs are competent and have a large experience and knowledge in management and tool integration in all of the sectors of activities that Cylabh services. All the techniques are used to facilitate the quick comprehension of the working tools such as the on location training, direct assistance during the operations, training from distance, simulations, training seminars, online manual, group training and service manuals.